Secret Deer Hunting Tips

Once in a while you need to let loose, go into the wild and sample what deer hunting VIC has to offer. There are a few secrets and tricks you need to know to increase your chances of getting that prize buck you are looking for. This write-up is meant to help you grasp the important ones.

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Strategically Position Yourself

The most important thing is to focus on is your position. First, look for a route which you will stand. You do not want to scare away the deer because of your standing position. Ensure that you do not step at their bedding area as you indulge in what deer hunting VIC has to offer. For you to become an expert hunter, you have to pay attention to the wind. Ensure that your scent does not go through your route of choice, right to the deer’s noses. You can decide to see what deer hunting in VIC has to offer in the morning. When you do, do not use a route that approaches the deer’s feeding area, for they will be feeding. If you do, they will move out of that area quickly.

Higher Ground Means Bulky Bounty

The second aspect to look for is the height of a stand. A classic question is: how high is too high? This depends on where the stand is placed. The height depends on the terrain, bush, hills, cover and the like. You do not want to be high up on the hill outlined against the sky line. Also, don’t be down in the swamp area. You should be high enough to see a high bush or a tag alder thicket. A gun and a bow are both used differently though. Considering what VIC deer hunting has today, using a gun requires higher ground. With a bow and an arrow, you have to be low so that you get a shooting lane that is clear. Please use common sense! Be calm, think before you act and you will get a great shot.

Be Spontaneous

Always be spontaneous in choosing the route to take while you indulge in what VIC deer hunting has to offer. The deer will be able to take a pattern of you. Just take a different approach each day. Do not get out of the truck, slam your door and tromp into the woods to get your stand.

Dress Down

You need to remember not to overdress when you decide to see what deer hunting VIC has to offer. You will get heated up even on a cold day. Just carry extra clothing in your arm, and not your backpack. Backpacks can be noisy. Once you are at your stand and your body has cooled well, put the other clothes on. It works.

Keep your Eyes Peeled

When you are walking for a deer inside the woods, most of the time you will not see the whole deer’s body. Look for the nose, tail, wag, an ear flicker and the brush, while they walk through the woods. You might hear leaves rustle, or a branch snap. Look for all types of movement. It might be a deer. Deer move, stop and look around. Just be careful and take a smart move.

Enjoy yourself as you follow this tips that make every hunting session an adventure geared to helping you find best deer hunting VIC has to offer.