Experience the Rugby fever in Hong Kong with the Sevens Packages

Recognised as the most renowned sporting events in the South East Asia, the Hong Kong 7s attracts some of the finest rugby players from across the globe, and millions of fans to the magnificent Hong Kong Stadium. The tournament is world famous and it is sure to see Hong Kong retaining its status as the best tournament in the Hong Kong 7s World Series. So, if you wish to book one of the Hong Kong Sevens Packages, read on.

There are around 28 participating teams and nearly 70 matches that are held with the fast and furious gaming action in combination with the superb carnival atmosphere. The 2016 Hong Kong Sevens will certainly be the memorable three days. The premier tournament will be held in late March, on Friday, and will continue until the Sunday. Being one of the biggest moments of Singapore’s sporting calendar, there is an outstanding party atmosphere, in which the entire rugby community indulges. If you are among those, who wish to visit the ‘Land of the Lions’ or ‘Asia’s World City’, Hong Kong, you must not miss this event. However, the rugby tickets, get sold very quickly. To see the game live, immediately book one of the Hong Kong Sevens Packages to avoid any last minute embarassment.

Witness the exciting rugby events with Sevens packages

One of the most exciting moments of the year is about to come. The whole world will witness the party atmosphere, endless fun, and action packed tournaments during the three days, starting 23rd until 25th March. It is really fun watching young kids between 6-12 years, playing rugby tournaments just before the main match. Then, there are dress up dances, throwing of beer jugs around the Mexican waves and lots more. Hong Kong Sevens Packages and the US sport tickets are available at major online websites. You can enjoy four nights’ accommodation in 5 star hotels or the budget friendly hotels with return flight facilities available. As a traveller, you will enjoy a great variety in Hong Kong hotels in different locations of the city. You can also visit various local attractions when you are here.

How to buy the US sports tickets?

Hong Kong Sevens is the most popular rugby event that is held every year. It is a great delight to watch your favourite rugby players, playing live rugby on the grounds. Also, just as the tickets of the Sevens Packages, you can buy the tickets for various sporting events such as the US sporting event. Furthermore, you can enjoy incentive travel when you buy the tickets online. This is because many websites offer attractive dicounts on various travel packages to boost their sales.

Those craving for a comfortable accommodation in Hong Kong hotels can enjoy their stay in cosmopolitan hotel in Hong Kong, which is in close proximity to the major shopping centres and entertainment zones. Also, the travel packages usually include a visit to the local attractions of Hong Kong, allowing you to enjoy small group tours. You can also visit the restaurants, the art gallery, the shopping centres and plazas while on your trip here.