Professional Indemnity Insurance for Accountants in New Zealand

If you are running a service-based business such as accounting, it is important to have a great reputation that is beyond reproach. Your clients will rely on your professional, advice and expertise in order to make critical business decisions. Building such a professional reputation generally takes a lot of time and no matter your professional standing in the industry, it is natural expect that not all jobs will go smoothly and according to plan. In the course of your service career, you will face various accusations and claims by some of your clients including of negligence, breach of contract or professional misconduct all of which can sink your career. That is why it is always important to undertake an accountant professional indemnity insurance to insure your practice against such an eventuality.

If your clients depend on your expert advice and services when it comes to your accounting practice, then the accountant professional indemnity insurance will be a great option for you. They will give you or your staff a general peace of mind. You will be able to easily cover the costs which are often associated with defending your allegations that your professional practice might face.

Get Everyday Protection with Accountant Professional Indemnity Insurance

Every day that you work as an accounting professional, you will be forced to make certain important decisions for your clients. Some of these are destinations which can be questioned even a few years from now. With the accountant professional indemnity insurance, you will have the freedom to do your job effectively with the knowledge that when you face some claims or lawsuits, you have an insurance plan that you can fall back on.

What kind of insurer should you choose?

It is advisable to choose an insurer that has a strong record in the industry in helping accountants defend allegations which they may face. Generally, the best service providers are those that can assign you an expert indemnity specialist to help you through the process. When grappling with issues of professional indemnity, it helps to have a service provider with very fast response times and that is quite sensitive to the relationship that you have established with them.

Various kinds of specialties

When you are looking for an accountant professional indemnity insurance, the scope of experience is always a very important factor. There are various kinds of risks that you will face as an accountant as well as various for making complaints. Good professional indemnity insurance providers generally have offer policies which are designed to respond to diverse and real needs of accountants. They must also be able to customize the contracts based on the unique needs of the customer, whether individual or business.

Which areas can be covered?

These can vary from one accounting company to another but generally, professional indemnity insurance will cover areas such as the following:

·         A deceptive or misleading conduct

·         Defamation

·         Loss of documents

·         Dishonesty

·         Fraud

·         Cost of defense

·         Cost of court attendance

·         Errors, omissions or acts which are deemed as wrongful during their conduct

·         Infringement on the client’s intellectual property rights